About Us

Connect Up With Downs

is embracing the Calgary Down syndrome community in a new way. We provide a solution to how young people stay physically and emotionally connected bridging the gap between high school and adulthood.

Connect Up With Downs makes learning FUN!

We offer group coaching in a wide range of hands-on life skill activities. Revisiting daily routine tasks that will help prepare these young adults as they strive to become independent. We help prepare our students to become contributing members of their communities! If you are between 18 and 35 and have Down syndrome, Connect Up With Downs is just the place you want to be.
Centrally located downtown at the ‘People Place’ at Unit #75, 805 – 5 Avenue SW.
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“We see value in having a place for our members to connect; a place to go that is familiar; a place they can feel proud and thrive.”

Laura Richeson, ceo, Connect Up With Downs Inc.


Our Mission at Connect Up With Downs is to enhance the lives of young adults with Down syndrome by offering a social and safe place to learn and grow. Our family values and our passion to see those we care about build confidence and gain independence will drive Connect Up With Downs to be a success today and a legacy for tomorrow…


Increasing one’s independence and happiness through social learning. Connect Up With Downs is a socially responsible, sustainable center that promotes independent living skills through meaningful connection and engagement with the community.