Prior to COVID-19 restrictions, an exemption request was required to spend FMS – PDD funding for day program services of Connect Up With Downs. (It is unfortunate that outdated policies are still in place that warrant the need to have to request an exemption.)

Connect Up With Downs is proud to have been able to provide uninterrupted quality service to all our Members.

Please talk to your Contract Procurement Specialist to apply for a funding exemption.

We are pleased to express that we have recently completed our second CET Accreditation
with the Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS) 09/2021.

I am so excited and grateful to formally announce and document in the attachments:

  1. Achieved CET Accreditation with the Alberta Council of Disability Services;
  2. Recognized as a QSP with the Alberta Government – CSS CS Corporate Procurement Office – Disability Services;
  3. PDD release of interim policies eliminating the need for an exemption for funding to use Connect services.
  • 02-20, attached states on page 2 first paragraph:
      • PDD workers will provide information to FMS Administrators about service providers in their community or region that are on the PQR list. 

Verification Standards.pdf
PDD Policy Directive 02-20.pdf
Please share this information with your loved one’s Contract Worker when requesting funding for Connect Up With Downs services.
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